Easy Herbs to Grow in the Garden

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There are many kinds and varieties of herbs, many of which grow quite easily in the garden and require little maintenance. Here is a list of the most common ones grown for culinary dishes:

  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Chives
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Oregano
  • Dill

You can buy any of these from a garden store or nursery and transplant them. They are sold in virtually any garden section of a hardware store. Growing from seed is just as promising for the beginner gardener, however, with the aid of good soil and space. Anyone may have a selection of organic greens in their own backyard.

Herbs are also perfect for the beginner gardener. Terra cotta planter pots are best, but these herbs can be successfully grown anywhere. This is a list of easy herbs to grow for the beginner gardener.


Basil is definitely a favorite in the herb garden, and there are many varieties to choose from. Whether you choose Genovese basil, purple basil, or large leaf basil, you’re in for a tantalizing treat.

It will not do well in cold weather, so it is best to plant in the soil during the warm season. Plant in sunny location, as basil likes at least five hours of full sun a day. It is a perfect herb to grow on windowsills or in a pot.

If planted in a pot, bring inside during the winter. Be sure to water daily.


Chives are an easy herb to grow. Once planted (especially if done so in the ground), it never goes away. This herb will grow all year round, including in winter season.

It is important to remember though, that they should be thinned if planted from seed. If transplanted from a pot, the little plants should be spread out to provide room for the chives to multiply.

It is best to plant chives in soil for space, but you may plant in pots. They require a good sunny spot with drainage and good soil, or organic compost. Plant any time of the year.

The tops of chives can be cut off and stems will continue to grow. It is a nice ingredient with a nice, mild onion flavor to add to recipes.


Mint is one of those highly medicinal herbs with a wonderful flavor and scent and includes varieties like peppermint and lemon mint. There is nothing like the taste of fresh mint.

It can be used for teas and salad and can be planted in pots or the ground.

This herb is easy to cultivate, but it can be difficult to sprout from seed. It is best to sprout seedlings indoors. If transplanted, it is not a difficult plant to care for—just be sure to water daily.


Parsley is one of the easiest herbs to grow and an absolute favorite in the kitchen. Once planted, it will thrive and is easy to sprout from seed. It is a hardy herb to grow in the garden, no matter if the variety is flat leaf or curly leaf parsley.

The leaves can be cut off the top and stems will keep growing. Parsley will grow all year round and thrive in winter. It is good herb to plant in pots, but requires good drainage.

If parsley is planted from seed, it will sprout in two to three weeks. It is a good plant to cover with mulch.


Dill is an easy herb to grow in pots or the ground. It is the perfect herb to use for pickling vegetables and in salads.

It will grow taller if planted in the ground. If Dill is planted in a pot, bring inside during the winter. When harvesting, it is best to leave the tall stems to allow the plant to keep growing. After harvesting, one third of the plant should remain.

Dill can be used fresh and is also a wonderful herb to dry and add to culinary recipes.

There are many other herbs to savor from the garden. This is a good list to start with. Enjoy fresh herbs from the home garden!



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