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Classes & Workshops

Please e-mail the contact person listed in each internship description to see if positions are currently available. Responsibilities include, but not limited to, mowing, weed-whacking, pruning, weeding, blowing, trimming, and general upkeep of the landscapes of the whole farm as needed. This is a physically demanding job. Experience is preferred. References and proof of work authorization are necessary. For internships, email maria apricotlanefarms. In short, the purpose of the program is to help enable refugees reestablish their ties to the agriculture by providing access to farmable land while providing them with necessary resources and trainings.

The program also helps to link refugees to community gardens in the Arden area so they are able attend agriculture workshops and nutrition education lessons. For internships, email Mark. Silva Rescue. Our creative and motivated staff utilize the garden to teach English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science content.

Utilizing their public speaking skills, our intermediate students teach the components of our school garden to the younger students. We are always looking for adult volunteers to support the maintenance of our garden and work with our students. All majors are encouraged to apply. Please see the attached position description. For internships, email cahambley ucdavis. Description: Zamora's mission is to connect student work in our edible garden to their classroom instruction and to better nutrition.

Partnering with Yolo Farm to Fork and the Zamora PTA, garden leaders teach children the full seed-to-table cycle and how it thrives in a sustainable environment. By teaching children how to plant, care for, and eat from the gardens at our schools, we are empowering the next generation with the tools, appreciation, and pride of growing and eating healthful, fresh food.

We specialize in raising certified-organic vegetables, melons, and eggs in an ecologically sustainable, integrated manner.In our opinion, the integration of animals and vegetables is a critical component missing in modern organic agriculture. And it is easy to understand why: it requires strict planning as well as a high degree of stewardship and vigilance — seven days a week, days a year, sunrise to sunset. But the results are worth it.

Support our efforts by becoming a Member of our CSA community. Be part of a small farm with big ideas. Kate strives to create gardens that are adapted to and express the locality: its climate, soils and the biodiversity that lives in and migrates through the area.

She believes that each garden should have a goal of giving to the environment through compositions of flower filled spaces, shrubs, trees for shade and development of healthy soils- that together provide habitat for insects and birds and are vital, vibrant spaces that express joy to the viewer. Kate also consults and works with businesses and estates to develop or renovate existing landscapes to sustainable practices and greater efficiency- besides enhanced appeal to visitors.

So we are still making plenty of mistakes, but we learn from each one and are passionate about creating a sustainable, productive and balanced operation. Our goal is to supply nutritious, healthy and tasty food products to our community and to stay as local as possible. We are planning on building a certified dairy so we may sell dairy products to restaurants and the public in general.

Another goal is to eventually have a public store front in town. We are revitalizing the organic farm and forest sanctuary located on the Hood River in Oregon. Enjoy organic vegetables, lavender, honey, flowers, culinary herbs, medicinal herbs and botanical products from our farm stand.

Come experience and be part of the transformation! Participants will be involved in all phases of organic vegetable production and marketing. Sand Holler Farm began as a way to provide the community with an educational agricultural experience.Local agriculture is vital to the economic health of the community and it is important to educate the public by being an example of a successful farm.

The farm should be a relaxing, enjoyable place to experience the country and get your hands dirty. We practice only sustainable agricultural methods with our animals—no hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals are used. All animals are free-range during the grass growing season. We house chicken eggs, goose eggs, chicken, turkey, duck, geese, cattle, lamb, pig, and rabbits for food. All animals are treated humanely, allowed to associate with the other animals on the farm, and are cured by their sickness at first with homeopathic remedies.

A small farm trying to grow into something semi-sustainable where we live off the land as much as we can, and share what we've learned and are learning with anyone who's interested! The overall goal of the farm is to be a learning center for future homesteaders. We use permaculture and biodynamic practices. Our farm currently includes a small orchard, a small annul crops area, a 1. Located in the suburbs and housing just one acre of land, the Browns are home to 21 goats.

Come learn about milking, cheese-making, and soap-making in a more urban farm area. More importantly, we attempt to provide a real-life, educational opportunity for sustainable farming practices and rural culture and skills, like food preservation, sewing and needle crafts, and blacksmithing.

This doesn't mean we avoid 21'st century technology, but we do try to use it wisely. Interns do everything from farm chores and gardening to construction and wood-splitting. Description: A cattle ranch in Beaumont, Kansas, owned and started by Pete Farrell, who founded it in as a custom grazing business.

We accomplish this by; offering farm to school meals, mentoring aspiring farmers and gardeners, celebrating our local food community, and advocating for just, sustainable food systems.Our professional staff work closely with about 50 UC Davis undergraduate and graduate student interns per year in all areas of our public gardens operations. Interns will also be responsible for independently managing a portion of their time each week developing and implementing design recommendations for their particular project sites.

Interns will also work independently on their specific project sites each week for hours. Fall quarter will be generally focused on training interns and providing them with background information on horticulture techniques and project implementation strategies, Winter quarter will be focused on developing and designing project ideas, and Spring quarter will be focused on project implementation and follow through.

Interns can earn units of academic credit each quarter through their own faculty sponsor or the Environmental Horticulture program. We offer single species, custom seed mixes, plug transplants and native grass straw. We are currently developing several species mixtures for various applications. Our seed and plants are used in habitat restoration projects, agricultural revegetation projects, for erosion control and urban and rural landscaping.

The Student Farm offers a wide range of opportunities for students to learn about and explore the many aspects of sustainable agriculture. These opportunities include internships, formal courses and research projects. Description: The Harry H. Laidlaw Jr. Our expertise includes honey bee breeding and genetics, and native bee biology. We are uniquely qualified to investigate declining populations of honey bees, native bees and other insect pollinators and to provide solutions.

The feedlot is primarily used for research and teaching pertaining to the feedlot industry.Research in nutrition, immunology, animal behavior and ruminant physiology is carried out by faculty of the Animal Science department, Veterinary Medicine Teaching hospital, California Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and the Department of Agronomy.

Through a combination of hands-on field work, formal classes, field trips and reading discussion, this intensive experiential education aims to train the next generation of organic farmers in the Sacramento area. The farming apprenticeship also provides a valuable foundation for those interested in working to address issues of food security, social justice, and public health.

During the first year, apprentices are exposed to all aspects of food production. They learn about propagation, irrigation, soil management, harvesting, marketing and many other associated skills through a combination of hands-on field work and structured classes. This blend of technical training, experiential field work, and community engagement makes our program a unique and powerful experience for all participants. Contact Elle Huftill-Balzer at ehuftill soilborn.

Examples of work an intern can expect to do include educating wineries on how to integrate the concept of sustainability into their branding and marketing, training tasting room staff on communicating the meaning and importance of certification to customers, supporting winery staff on managing the wine chain of custody process necessary for differentiating certified and uncertified wine, developing print and digital outreach materials, and organizing outreach meetings.

There is of course room for interns to customize the position to fit their own unique interests and talents. In addition to doing what it takes to get the job done, we want our interns contribute to the creative process of designing this new outreach program.

We grow fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs and we raise poultry, goats and keep bees.Our space serves as a venue for community events, weddings, performances and we also host a variety of classes and workshops on a regular basis. Our farming operations run year round utilizing hoop houses, low tunnels, and row covers in the colder months.

We grow on our farm on site and also develop and maintain other garden sites throughout the community. We also manage a CSA program and sell a variety of value added products to the community. Interns will be exposed to a variety of different tasks in our farm and garden operations, educational programs, special events and as residents of the River School Farm community.

We have a lot of things going on here at RSF and try to give interns the opportunity to be involved in many of our different operations while also accommodating the specific areas of interest the intern would like to focus on.

We ask each intern to design, plan and execute an internship project during their time at RSF. Internship housing consists of a private room with shared bathroom and kitchen. Send your resume and 2 references to info riverschoolfarm. Description: A no-kill buffalo dairy farm located in Tomales, California just east of Petaluma and north of Oakland. As the program develops, the New Roots Gardening intern will assist IRC staff to expand the size and the scope of garden, the growing and maintenance of the garden and serve as a liaison between IRC growers and local community.

The person applying for this internship will be expected to make a six month commitment and keep a reliable, weekly, garden and office visitation schedule. This is a woman-owned business and women are especially encouraged to apply. Please also explain which is your favorite organism found on a farm, and why.

GSE along with a dedicated group of recently graduated Davis students have helped to develop and implement a biointensive teaching garden next to the clinic.The purpose of this project is provide a preventative and holistic approach to wellness while bringing food and sustainable agriculture right to the center of the conversation. As this project has grown, it has also managed to include the involvement of many local high school and university students who come out regularly to work on the gardens and get hands on experience in organic agriculture.

I had the opportunity to visit and work at Clinica Verde last spring break and it was such a worthwhile experience- both enriching and eye-opening. We are oriented around sustainable agriculture and providing services to adults with developmental disabilities.

So you want to go abroad…

Searching for a green-fingered career change or a way to develop an existing horticultural career? We have many opportunities for you to develop a career in gardening, regardless of your level of experience. We look after some of the most important and ground-breaking landscape parks and gardens in Britain. Our gardens also showcase examples of every development in British garden design from Elizabethan to the modern styles. Covering an area the size of Guernsey, our gardens and landscape parks support a vast range of historically and botanically important plants collected over the last years from around the world. During their work-based, salaried placements, each apprentice will be hosted by a National Trust garden, gaining crucial knowledge and experience in heritage and biodiversity, alongside general gardening skills.

support the Conservancy's horticulture, visitor services, and public programs departments. Interns work five days a week with individual schedules varying.

15 Best Horticulture Jobs (Highest Paying Jobs for Horticulturists)

Use the search below to search the site or find your local unit office. Are you a new or experienced Virginia vegetable gardener? Virginia Cooperative Extension can help.See our resource guide below and reach out to your local Extension Master Gardeners for answers to all your gardening questions and inforomation on upcoming gardening seminars in your area. Are you new to gardening for the season? Looking for some tips? Check out our "Get Gardening! For help with soil testing, recommendations for vegetables that do well in your area, and any other gardening questions, please contact your local Extension office!

Vegetable Gardening in North Texas

Deciduous Perennials: You can prune perennial shrubs once they are dormant and all the leaves have fallen off. This usually happens around now depending on the weather of course. Be vigorous with native shrubs like lantana and deciduous salvia. Such shrubs completely regrow from the base every season.

Virtual and blended classes are now available.

Job Posting

With an emerging economy and a thriving tourism industry, the Kingdom of Thailand is a newly industrialized country that combines growth with artistry and tradition. The people have much to teach if you are eager to learn. With support from the Thailand Ministry of Tourism and Education, International Career Studies has managed to secure hundreds of possible internship positions within a variety of different fields including education, healthcare, tourism and architecture. When you choose to travel to Thailand, you are choosing to partake in an exciting and rewarding educational experience. All program fees are in USD. To request more information about any of our international programs, please visit our contact page and we will be happy to assist you.

Farm Training Programs

Endeavour has everything teachers need to deliver inspiring lessons about plant science and the environment. Discover how you can use plants to bring the curriculum alive and engage pupils in learning new scientific knowledge and skills.Our unique Masters course teaches vital plant and fungal identification skills in the context of evolutionary biology, conservation theory and practice. Includes field work in Madagascar and a six-month research project. Over 50 PhD students carry out doctoral training and research at Kew, with access to our world-class scientific collections, facilities and expertise. The School of Horticulture is a centre of excellence for horticultural and botanical education. Study for one of our world-renowned qualifications. Looking to brush up a few skills or start something new?

The Civic Garden Center is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Plan Employer and Smoke/Drug-Free Workplace. All qualified applicants will receive.


Please e-mail the contact person listed in each internship description to see if positions are currently available. Responsibilities include, but not limited to, mowing, weed-whacking, pruning, weeding, blowing, trimming, and general upkeep of the landscapes of the whole farm as needed. This is a physically demanding job. Experience is preferred.

Growing Herbs in Your High-rise Home

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If you agree with the sentence above and think that our program is right for you, please complete the form below. We will be able to evaluate you and, hopefully, ask you to apply to our program using our full application. Email us if you are having trouble with the form. Use the upload field on the very bottom of this page. This is optional for other applicants. Skip to main content.

Cancel Close. Close Close.

No farming experience is necessary to apply—just the passion and dedication to play an important role in getting local, real food to people in cities. The year-long position kicks off with a period of hands-on training in our hydroponic, controlled-climate farms and is supplemented with ongoing education throughout the year.Following initial training, farmers are responsible for growing quality food on a consistent basis to meet customer demand—with the guidance of our Head Farmer. The role also includes representing CityFarm at customer-focused engagements and storefront, giving farmers the opportunity to connect directly with consumers. We work hard to cultivate a value-driven culture, so while no farming experience is necessary to apply, we do look for:.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like to receive updates regarding this policy, please contact Sofia Montero, International Programs Advisor: somontero earth. If you responded YES! We offer a wide variety of one-of-a-kind study programs, special courses and internships within the Costa Rican rainforest.


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